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Our Practices

We believe in grass-based farming, and we believe that healthy soil is essential for healthy people. We avoid soy and GMOs in our animal feeds to promote slow, healthy growth. Our animals do not receive routine antibiotics or any growth hormones. In rare instances, if one of our breeding animals is sick, we will administer antibiotics in order to save life and prevent suffering. Feel free to ask us about this practice… Read More

Our Animals


We raise our pigs in the woods where they are encouraged to forage and root. We use solar powered electric hot wire to contain them, and we move them to new ground frequently. We supplement their foraging with sprouted grain from our fodder system and a little bit of our non-GMO, soy-free ration. We butcher them at about 6-8 months of age at roughly 250lbs live weight. Currently, we sell pigs by the half or whole. Read More


Our pastured broiler chickens are raised on our farm from their 2nd day of life. We move them each morning so that they can enjoy a fresh patch of grass and bugs. We feed them freshly sprouted grains, soldier fly larva and we supplement their diet with our cutsom non-GMO, soy-free ration…Read More


Our Vision

We desire to give young men an opportunity to experience God away from the distractions of modern life. We challenge them to step into their roles as men of integrity who can make a difference in the world. We provide a safe living environment, work to do, life skills classes, spiritual formation classes, good food to eat, and consistent accountability. We are not a rehab or a clinical program, we are a stepping stone for young men who desire to make positive life change and just need a little nudge to make it happen…. Read More

About Us

Craig & Jen Thompson originally came to the Scott Valley to attend and eventually work at Kidder Creek Camp. Craig is a 4th generation California farmer (his family still farms in Chico), and after they were married in 2010, they decided to settle outside Etna and begin a small farm. They are exceedingly grateful for their family and friends who have helped make this dream come true….. Read More

The Ranch

Rockside Ranch is located on about 100 acres in Scott Valley, CA. The land itself is made up of roughly 50 acres of pasture and 50 acres of woodlands, allowing for great diversity of species & habitats. Our land allows us to keep the chickens in the pasture, the pigs in the woods, the ducks on the pond, and everything else in between. Scott Valley is near Mt. Shasta in far northern Calif. We are off the beaten path, which keeps life exciting, and we like it that way!  … Read More