Welcome to Rockside Ranch!

We are a diverse small farm tucked in the Scott Valley of far Northern California.  We aim to raise GOOD FOOD for our friends and neighbors (that’s you!), and we aim to live a BETTER STORY both with our lives and our land.

We believe that coming together to build our local foodshed is a critical way to strengthen our community and our economy.  We would love for you to join us along the way!


About Us:

Craig & Jen Thompson originally came to the Scott Valley to attend and eventually work at Kidder Creek Camp. Craig is a 4th generation California farmer (his family still farms in Chico), and after they were married in 2010, they decided to settle outside Etna and begin a small farm. They are exceedingly grateful for their family and friends who have helped make this dream come true.

Our Vision

We desire to give young men an opportunity to experience God away from the distractions of modern life. We challenge them to step into their roles as men of integrity who can make a difference in the world. We provide a safe living environment, work to do, life skills classes, spiritual formation classes, good food to eat, and consistent accountability. We are not a rehab or a clinical program, we are a stepping stone for young men who desire to make positive life change and just need a little nudge to make it happen.

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Thank you SO MUCH to everyone who made our Kickstarter Campaign a HUGE success!

We have accomplished our winter animal housing and are STILL in the process of planning and completing our fencing and irrigation projects. Both have turned into larger projects than we could have imagined. We are SO grateful for your ongoing support. It makes us teary eyed to see this list of names, the names of practically everyone we know, and to know that you are all standing with us on this journey. Thank you again for rallying behind us. We’re still at it over here: one day, one step, one baby animal at a time!

Click the links below to download your Real Food Basics Shopping Guide and your 7 Day Meal Plan with recipes:

Scroll through the list below to see all the names of everyone who backed us!


Humbly, Craig & Jen Thompson

Adrian Haurat

Alberta Simic


Alex Wen

Alicia Lund

Alyse Scarmozzino

Alyssa Rickert

Amanda Farmer

An Yu

Andrea Bonilla

Andrea Hanson

Andrew Everett

Andrew Harrison

Andrew Hoeksema

Andrew Monroe

Andy Graham

Angelique Gordon

Ann Foley

Anna Littlejohn

Anna Simcox

Anna Steel

Annalise Perone

annie rudy

Ashley Ainley

Austin Gardner

Autumn Lee Seagle

Barbara Thomas

Barbie Aknin

Beau Johnson

Becky Johnson

Ben Deumling

Ben Turley

Benjamin Peck

Bert Byers

Beth Johnson

Beth Knight

Beth McCarty

Bianca Schmidt

Billy Cunha

Bob Marshall

Brandi Wolf

Brandy Caporaso

Brenda Peaty

Brett McMorris

Brianne fritzler

Brice Allen Myers

Bridget Schack

Brittany Carranza

Brittany Cirks

Brittney Holmquist

Bruce Hillman

Bryan Bujarski

Bryan Nicolas Brophy

Cade Duval

Caitlin Warner

Caleb Maplesden

Candice Ottone

Carla Fritzler

Carlos Cuellar

Carlton Solle

Carol Cristiani

Carol D Bell

Carol Lyn Bankhead

Carol Sprague

Carol Weekley

Caroline Trevor

Carolyn Erickson

Catarina Wolmar

Chad Wagstaff

Chaili Trentham

Charlotte Xanders

Charnna Gilmore

Chelsea Prather

Chelsea Richer

Chelsi Ervien

Cheryl Boerger

Chris Bono

Chris Cooper

Christy Bruegger

Christy Cummings Dawson

Christy Wagner

Chuck and Jennifer Blum

Cindy Leigh Cohn

Clara Church

Colleen Zeni

Craig Caruso

Craig Hubbard

Crissa Parsley

Cristina de Urioste

Cyndee Hopkins

Dan Breedon

Dan Machek

Dan Oliver

Daniel & Cindy Linsenbardt

Daniel Jansen

Daniel Northington

Danielle Allred

Darcy Osborne

Darrell & Megan Mitchell

Dave & Val Vick

David Damien

David Dykes

David Milhous

Dawn Theirl

Debbie McDonald

Diana Donahue

Diana Lobosky

Diane McGonigal

Doina Stutz

Don Laughtenschlager

Donna Bringenberg

Donna Williams

Doug Blangsted

Drew Otto

Drew Simpkin

Drew Tablak

Drew Travis

Dwight Penkey

Eddie Berhardt

Elena Kondrashova

Elizabeth Grover

Elizabeth ONeill

Ellen Knight

Emmie Poling

Eric Anderson

Eric Damon Walters

Eric Faw

Eric Whitacre

Erica Stubblefield

Erik Carruth

Ernie Wasson

Evan Schreiber

Faithe Dillman

Frances lawson

Francyne Jenner

Gabriel Eggen

Gay Lynch

Geri Metz

Geri Quintero

Gerlach Family

Glen Landry

Glenn Johnson

Gloria Goeckermann

Greg Griffin

Gregg Hammer

Gwyneth Stephenson

Harry Allagree

Heidi Garaventa

Home Grown Food Products

Jaclyn Houston


James Brandon Slater

James Brooks

James Cleveland

James Herberg

Janelle Webster

Janet Lary

Jason Madsen

Jason Singleton

Jason Visser

Jeanne Lombardo

Jeanne O’Connell

Jeff Miller

Jeff Ward

Jeffrey Kimberlin

Jen Conneely

Jenna Wolter

Jennifer Lundberg Parrish

Jennifer MacDonald

Jennifer McMullen

Jennifer Smith

Jennifer Summers

Jeremy Brown

Jeremy McDaniel

Jesse Ramer

Jill & Dan Brinkman

Jill Gardner

Jill Pullen


Jodi Albanese

Joe Cristiani

Joel Cathey

Joel Hanson

John A. Coyle

John Hamilton

John Pasrons

John Thompson

Johnson Family

Jojo Reuland

Jon Yeung

Jonathan Ahlum

Jonathan Dingman

Jonathan Fitzpatrick

Jose A Lopez

Josh Lanier

Josh Morsell

Joy Isbell

Judi Waymire

Julianna Aldredge

Julie Kennedy

Justin Hastings

Kadie Yale

Kaitlin Kalkwarf

Kaity Watkins

Karen Hatfield

Karen Quintanilla Barnett

Kari Moore

Kate and Bill Korbel

Katie Morris

Katie Thompon

Katie Vasquez

Kayla Kilpatrick

Kelsey Fritzler


Kenneth and Debra Howell

Kenneth C Edson

Kid Creek Pastures

Kim Downey

Kim Shurig

Kimberly Monday

Kip a and Shelley Whipple

Kimberly Shelford

Kyle & Megan Walling

Kyle Ellman

Kyle Jorgensen

Lance Mayfield

Lauren Silvers

Laurie Cantagallo

Leslie LeBaron

Linda Bowen

Linda Yale

Lindsay Keyawa

Lindsay Lange

Lindsey Chin-Jones

Lisa Herndon

Lisa Roberts

Liz Barrett

Logan Castle

Loran Berck

Lori A March

Lynn Wright

Maggie Boggs

Maggie Cathey

Maile Baures

Mari Cristiani

Mark and Monica Plattenberger

Mark Holmstrom

Mark Kalinowsky

Markay Ebejer

Marni Heberle

Mary White

Marylou Harrison

Matt Vaudrey

Matt Wallace

Matthew Bray

Matthew Grayson

Matthew Honor

Meagan Fritzler

Meg Buster

Megan Jerkovic

Megan Williams

Melanie Wolf

Michael & Jennifer Job

Michael Ash

Michael Bray

Michael Busbee

Michael Gennarelli

Michael Popp

Michelle Curran

Michelle Fain

Michelle Jacobs

Michelle Onuorah

Mike Gunther

Mike Jusko

Missy Mekjian Andrews

Molly Young Brown

Nan Wishner

Nathan Sautter

Neal Parker Curran

New Life Farm

Nicholas Howell

Nick Bencivenga

Noel Hughes

Nordon W. Winger

Omar Arellano

Paolo Tiramani

Pat Peterson

Patricia DeWitt


Patty Ross

Paul M Lindstedt

Paula O’Laughlin

Paula Shimamoto

Peggy Curran

Peggy McKennon

Peter Pishko



Rachel Jorgensen

Rachel Lincoln

Rachel Milhous

Rae Johnson

Randianne Leyshon

Raven Stevens

Ray A. Lienhard

Rebecca Thompson

Renee Casterline

Rian Smith

Richard Pritchard

Rob Ramay

Rob Reed

Rob Schwandt

Ron Nerio

Ronald Schwager

Rose Dallal

Russell Fehrensen

Ryan Roemer

Sally Boice

Sally Goldin

Sally Wagner

Samantha Littlefield

Sandy Wagner

Sara Sarrett

Sara Soland

Sarah Roemer

Sarah Sarian

Scott Limkeman

Scott Ryan Ingersoll

Sean Coleman

Seth Van Essen

Shandon Griffin

Sharmel Christ

Sharon Devol

Shauna Vaughan

Shea Thompson

Shelley Wong

Sherry Gee

Sherry Hayes McDermott

Sherryl G. Braak

Shirley Johnson

Shirley Matlock

Sophia Spontylides

Staci Beukers

Stefanie Root

Stephanie Starmer

Stephen Perlman

Steve McDonald

Steven Limkeman

Stew Bowerman

Sue Baber

Susan Houg

Susan Kilpatrick

Susan Wagner

Susie Cockle

Taylor Ingram

Theresa Peters

Tiffany Fox

Tim Lloyd

Tira J Young

Tom MacCrae

Tracy Lester

Trish Tanner

Tyler Bettge

Tyler Smith

Vicky Becker


Vrenda Lee

Wayne & Tery Drager

William E Montgomery

William H Birch

William Kelly

Zach Pattison